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Ο Στρατός της Σωτηρίας στην Ελλάδα


Home food delivery

With the support of local companies in Thessaloniki, the Salvation Army offers food to families and lonely people in the city. It is an effort to support people that for some reason they found themselves in a challenging situation. Unemployment and health issues are two main reasons that lead people to enroll in this program.

Young families and single mothers

The Salvation Army - with the co-operation of the Greek social services - looks after a number of babies by providing baby milk and nappies, as well by supporting the parents.

In the streets

Every Thursday night a team patrols the streets of the city offering food and drinks to challenged people. Common locations are Camara, Navarino Square and the railroad station. Due to the crisis a gradually increasing number benefits from the help provided. Apart from the feeding routine, the Salvation Army welcomes people’s request for support in order to rehabilitate themselves.

Green Light Project (G.L.P.)

G.L.P. Is a Salvation Army effort to support people that became victims of prostitution and trafficking. It started on December 2007 in Thessaloniki. Every week a Salvation Army team visits the rough areas offering food and drinks, but most importantly a chance to a friendly conversation.

Finding lost people

The Salvation Army provides assistance to those who miss members of their families. For more information please fill in the application form bellow and we will provide you with extensive material.