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Ο Στρατός της Σωτηρίας στην Ελλάδα

Our values

No discrimination

The Salvation Army believes that all services to humanity be provided indiscriminately. Every individual is unique and deserves our respect.

No judgment

People who face challenges also often face criticism. We approach everyone with respect, recognising their uniqueness and value as human beings.


We believe that today’s problems - personal and cumulative - are so complex that it is impossible for any organization, no matter how well-organized it is, to offer effective assistance. We aim at collaboration with any state or private organization willing to give it, in order to offer complete and sound support to all who seek it.


We hope to enhance the inner power that every human being has within.

We aim for people to become self-sufficient
We deem our work successful when those we’ve assisted can take control of their lives financially, psychologically, and emotionally.