Thessaloniki Corps

With the support of local companies in Thessaloniki, the Salvation Army offers food to families and the lonely in Greece’s northern capital, in an effort to support people who, for some reason, have found themselves in a challenging situation. In addition to this welfare assistance, Greek and English lessons are being provided, to help people integrate into Greek society. This is an important service to offer as there are refugees and immigrants that want to communicate and the language is a barrier for them.

Furthermore, we have varied additional Corps activities; such as our childrens programme and activities, and a book club on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Friday’s we have a music programme for young people.

Our aim is for people to gain life skills and have opportunities for job offers and therefore we offer sewing lessons (delivered by a professional dress maker). It is an opportunity for people to learn this life skill to give them the opportunity to find a job accordingly.

It is an important part of our mission for the people whom we connect with, either Greeks or refugees to made to feel welcome, connected and that they can find in the local Salvation Army a safe place and a ‘home’.

Our programme values discretion, and protects the dignity and self-respect of those who have been challenged by the financial crisis.

Captain Paul Anastasiou and Captain Rachel Mina- Anastasiou, Corps Officers, Thessalonika Corps

Tantalou 34 (& I. Nteka), 54627, Thessaloniki.

  +30 231 182 0689
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