Interview with Lieutenant Colonels Andrew and Darlene Morgan, Italy & Greece Territorial Leaders on the Salvationist Podcast

Our Territorial leaders – Lieutenant Colonels Andrew and Darlene Morgan – were interviewed recently for an episode of Salvationist Podcast that you can listen to here:

The interview covers their service with The Salvation Army in Canada and Hungary; their calling and how God spoke to them personally and clearly, Darlene’s impressive command of the Italian language, their insights into the missional context of Italy and Greece, the importance of passion for evangelism, the centrality of relationship with Jesus and how ecumenical work differs in each context.

In Italy, the work of The Salvation Army connects with the ‘cultural markers’ of food, family and faith – although one might add this applies to Greece also! – these priorities can help ministry.

Why not make yourself a coffee, grab a biscuit or two and listen to the podcast?

There are a number of gems and insights such as:

Lt Colonel Darlene reminds us that in our missional work we are dependent on God:

“I think from day one, it’s been a complete sense of our limitations and feeling ill equipped and not enough, and a total dependence on God—constant dependence on him, completely. He has to do the work because there’s too much work and it seems so complex. He just has to help us navigate and lead the way. So, I think, yeah, how is God working in my life? Reminding me day by day that I have to rely completely and utterly on him, absolutely.”

And in a similar vein, Lt Colonel Andrew Morgan added:

“Having declared publicly that we as The Salvation Army would strive to live under the pillars of honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability, I am dependent upon God’s equipping me, so that I can live out those values as an example before those whom I am called the lead. So, I’m very appreciative of God’s strengthening through the work of his Holy Spirit, to ensure that I can be a man who is honest, who leads with integrity, and leads transparently and invites accountability. And I believe that God is blessing our efforts, and we thank him for it and give him the glory.”

Scripture reminds us to pray for our those in authority[1], therefore let’s keep Lt Colonel Andrew and Darlene in our prayers.

[1] 1 Timothy 2vv1-2

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