Officers, Soldiers, Employees and Friends of The Salvation Army in Greece

Re: Public Acknowledgement of Major Annette Rieder-Pell and Major Beat Rieder’s Farewell After four years of faithful service in Greece, I want to offer a public acknowledgment of Major Annette Rieder-Pell and Major Beat Rieder’s farewell. On 27 June 2024 the Majors will fly from Athens to London where, as previously announced, a new Salvation Army adventure will begin for them. Reflecting on the period of Annette and Beat’s leadership in Greece, Territorial Leadership wants to acknowledge that this included the challenges that COVID-19 created. We also want to recognize advancements in Greece under Annette and Beat’s leadership, especially the work to update the Articles of Association for The Salvation Army’s legal presence in Greece. I invite you from the Corps in Athens and Thessaloniki and in various Salvation Army programs including the Green Light Project, to join me in bidding farewell to Annette and Beat, thanking them for their faithful service, and praying for God’s protection and blessing for them.

God bless Annette and Beat!

Andrew Morgan Tenente Colonnello (Dott.)

Lieutenant-Colonel (Dr.) Capo del Territorio

Territorial Commander Esercito della Salvezza Italia & Grecia

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