Our Leaders

In 2020, after six years’ service in the Eastern Europe Territory (Ukraine, Georgia, Romania and Moldova)  Majors Beat and Annette Rieder-Pell were appointed to take up new appointments as Leaders for Greece (Italy and Greece Command).

Previously they had served 33 and 36 Years respectively in The Salvation Army in Switzerland, Austria, German, Canada, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe. In these nations they were appointed in different capacities ranging from; Corps leader (Church), Youthwork, Divisional Leaders and Territorial Headquarter for Programme and Business administration. This breadth of experience has provided a rich foundation to serve as Salvation Army leaders.

They have also three adult children and a daughter in law who live in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. These children have settled in nations where Beat and Annette have served with The Salvation Army.

Beat & Annette Rieder- Pell, Major

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