Athens Corps

The Salvation Army Church (Corps) in Athens considers itself part of the body of Christ, governed by the distinct practices of the International Salvation Army.  Our belief follows the mainstream tenets of Christian faith, with particular emphasis on the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We aim to share the message of Christian love to everyone.

We view the fight against poverty, abuse and social injustice as an expression of true Christianity. We desire to lend a listening ear and helping hand to those in need, in order to encourage them to reach their full potential and achieve independent living. We intend to care for the community by encouraging change through hope, and example.

The Corps in Athens provides Greek lessons, ‘The Meeting Point’, prayer and Bible study, counselling and pastoral services and prayer in the neighbourhood. We have provided weekly Greek lessons on Wednesday afternoons.

Once a month we hold a Community Event. During the week we have the availability of service for families and single people giving them food, helping with doctors’ appointments as they need, supporting them with material and spiritual help.

During all week we have the opportunity to build relationships with people in our neighborhood.

In response to the crisis in Ukraine in The Salvation Army in Greece launched ‘The Meeting Point’ project in March 2022 to assist people who have fled the conflict in Ukraine. Based at Athens Corps, it provided practical and essential material needs, and assistance and advice in order to provide a pathway for meaningful integration. We have now adapted ‘The Meeting Point’ to respond to people’s needs and as such we have started providing sewing lessons.

For more details about the Corps and our programmes please get in touch with us.

Lt. Christos Leveniotis and Lt. Magda Leventios, Assistant Corps Officers, Athens Corps.

Parasiou 19 (& Voda Michail 77), 10440, Athens

+30 211 411 2357
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