Refugee Response

The Salvation Army’s Refugee Response work in Greece entails:

Research and advice for The Salvation Army in Greece on migration matters, and exploring how the Salvation Army can be involved in assisting migrants in integration.

To support others who are already operating in this area.

Advising on, where it is appropriate, assisting in setting up services and programmes aimed at integration in the places where The Salvation Army operates.

Training staff and volunteers in matters of migration and integration.

Developing projects for funding applications.

Networking with partners, to share information, best practice and seeking to avoid the doubling up of services etc.

In response to the crisis in Ukraine in The Salvation Army in Greece launched ‘The Meeting Point’ project in April 2022 to assist people who have fled the conflict in Ukraine. Based at Athens Corps in Agios Panteleimonas, it provides practical and essential material needs, and assistance and advice in order to provide a pathway for meaningful integration. The Greek Salvation Army has also provided mobile phone sim cards and supermarket vouchers to Ukrainian refugees.

The Salvation Army has deployed volunteers to deliver this initiative and we have been greatly helped by Ukrainian translators, whose help has proved indispensable.

We have adapted The Meeting Point to respond to people’s needs and therefore have started sewing classes.

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