The Green Light Project

Sexual exploitation and trafficking of humans is against fundamental human rights for freedom, safety, dignity, equality, self-deposition and development of life potential. We believe that all human beings are born with these inalienable rights which should be respected, ensured and protected.

Through the Green Light Project we have formed a community-based centre in the Red light District of Omonia for the women who are undergoing sexual exploitation and trafficking and we also cater for their children. Through our services and programmes we are working intensively on the levels of protection and prevention from sexual exploitation and trafficking as well as towards their physical, emotional healing and the provision of guidance and acquisition of life skills as they are assisted to gradually integrate into the society. Working with them both at a community and on an individual level has started to shape a new culture within the Red-Light District of Omonia making the Green Light Project centre a point of reference in the area.

Team Leader Rebecca.

Our Policies